/// Racha

The Muchmaesh valley is surrounded by unclimbed and unnamed mountains

Skitouring in Muchamesh Valley

Now we are in Racha in Ghebi. After a long journey from Tbilisi we reached the small village situated at 1400 meters. We are surrounded by gigantic mountains and yesterday we started our first scouting skitour. We started towards Shoda. In the beginning, the snow was still heavy and very influenced by the sun. But higher up, after we left the forest behind, we found gigantic powder snow in an even more impressive environment.

A incredible journey for the first ski descent from the north face of dolomitisveri

A first ski descent

We started our adventure with Sergii Potapenko. The guy, that is the only one who discovers the skitouring region of Racha on his splitboard and most of the time on his own, but we were so lucky to join him. He was the first man, to climb and ride the needlecolouir at the Dolomitisveri (3260 m ) and his next goal was the face right of it. So we packed our sleeping bags, some food (snickers and kachapuri) and started our way into this giant valley. On the first day we hiked about 1100 vertical meters until we reached a small river where we built our basecamp.
The night was cold and long and we were happy to stand up the next day at 5 am. Then we hiked up to the needle couloir and climbed this 600 meter high and 50 degrees steep face. At the top Sergii started to climb the last 300 meters on rock but we turned around here. It was enough for us.
The way down was incredible and not at all a failure but a first ski ascent!

Adventure awaits!

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