In the middle of the Caucasus range you will find Georgia. A beautiful and wild country with endless free riding possibilities. The Georgian culture paired with its giant and unridden mountains will make it one of your best memories, you will never forget.


We like to compare Kazakhstan with Chamonix a few years ago: High and steep faces, massive mountains and no one rides there at all. So if you are looking for loneliness and a giant mountain adventure Kazakhstan will be the right place for you!


Is there this idea in your head? This expedition you always wanted to do but never had the chance to? Here is it, the chance you have been waiting for. Tell us your dream and we will do everything possible to make the adventure come true.

Your adventure and freeride guides

Sebastian Czerniawski

Snowboarder since 1996, former prorider and co – owner of, big mountain guide in Kazakhstan, Swanetia and Gudauri.

Rustam Ibragimov

Head guide of Snow Lab Gudauri, freerider since 2005, started his adventure with heliski operation in ukrainian Carpathians, moved to Gudauri (Georgia) in 2009 and since then he is based in Georgia actively seeking new routes and guiding people.

Iwo Gamula

Former polish grass skiing champion, active climber and trekker (Kirgistan, Georgia, Spitsbergen), in Gudauri since 2014, skiguide/isntructor in Gudauri.

Couple at the Lomisi Monastery

Jule und Konrad

We organize the adventures and plan everything around. Konrad builts with his 2nd native language polish the bridge between mountainguides and customers.

Join Georgia in winter 2020/2021


Gudauri is a very diverse and interesting place. Here you will find everything a freeriders heart desires. Incredible and steep faces, heliskiing, uncountable freeride opportunities and skitouring mountains covered with perfect powder on incredible spines, couloirs and cliff drops.


Racha is a wild and mostly undiscovered region. The only person who is like a pioneer there is Sergii Potapenko. If you are looking for some adventures far away from any tourists and if your passion are long and impressive skitours, Racha will be the place for you!


If you look to Svaneti as a skitouring region you could place it between Gudauri and Racha. It is not as known and popular as Gudauri but it is not as remote as Racha. It combines the main ridge of the caucasus with endless skitouring options. And it has also two totally different ski resorts with endless freeride possibilites.

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Adventure awaits!

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