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Travel with us and explore the incredible freeride options in Svaneti

All about Svaneti

A land like a fairytale and one of the best freeriding and skitouring we ever experienced. Svaneti, which is located in the main ridge of Caucasus, near Ushba and Elbrus, offers a lot of different and interesting terrain for splitboarder, snowboarder in skier. From Mestia, the biggest town in Svaneti, you can travel to the two ski resorts of Svaneti: Hatsvali and Tetnuldi. Especially in Tetnuldi are endless options for great freeriding, we will show you in this video. It is mostly alpine terrain there. Hatsvali is the perfect spot for treeruns and pillow lines as it is located way lower than Tetnuldi. From Mestia you can also travel by car to Ushguli within two hours. It is a very old village and the highest in Europe and located within endless possibilities for skitouring. On top of the mountains there, you will see the highest peaks of Georgia like Shkara and even Elbrus in Russia.

Remote places and the highest village in Europe, this is Ushguli, Svaneti

Skitour in Ushguli, Svaneti

We are now in Svaneti, located in Mestia, the third stop of our adventure. Svaneti seems to be not as touristic as Gudauri but not as far away as Racha. So it is the perfect region for remote and lonely skitours, but also with a good (compared to other streets in Georgia) infrastructure and even some villages. We started our last skitour from Ushguli. It is the highest village in Europe and is located near the main ridge of the Caucasus. From this tour we could see a lot of its highest peaks: Mt. Ushba, Elbrus and Shkara. Our Skitour had around 1000 vertical meters and we experienced good conditions. Even though the avalanche conditions where a little bit sketchy and we needed to be very defense, we found some great and deep powder in some north faces.

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