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We lead you to a virtual travel though Gudauri, April 2019

Freeriding in Gudauri

This video is about four different freeride areas in Gudauri and about Gudauri itself. We talk about the Bidara ridge, the Kobi valley with Kobi pro and Kobi light and a freeride adventure in the Millioni valley. You will get an overview about the regions and where to find them. This video is for everyone who is interested in visiting the beautiful Caucasus in Georgia and experience an unforgettable freeride adventure with a lot of powder, fun and unique rides. It is a perfect place also for skitouring or splitboarding. from the top of the ski resort you have a beatiful view of mountain kazbeg.

Freeriding at the Kobi Pass is incredible!

Freeride in the Kobi Valley

This Video is about conditions and freeriding at the Kobi Valley. You can start from the Ski Resort and climb multiple slopes to enjoy some great powder here. This Video shows you some of these great possibilities. We also talk about the current freeride, avalanche, skitouring and snow conditions.

Travel with us to the Lomisi Monastery, on of the highest monastery’s you will ever visit

The Lomisi monastery

Our first skitour in Georgia! We started at the Lomisi church. The snow in the valley at 1600 meters is heavy, compressed and up to 1.5 meters high powder. The ascent track has already leaked out, but that’s not just from skitourers. Most of the people who ascend here want to pray at 2400 meters of altitude at the Lomisi Monastery. It is the highest and one of the holiest sites of Georgia and therefore a destination for many pilgrims. So there are not nearly as many downhill lanes as the ascent lane suggests.
However, since the last snowfall is already 10 days ago, the snowdrift packages have already set well. The descent was a lot better than expected. So, this tour was from the beginning, over the meeting with the monk to the giant descent a wonderful experience!

The Dedaena is on of the most prominent peaks in Gudauri

A Skitour to Dedaena

This video is again about the skitour conditions and this time on the Dedaena, probably the most prominent mountain, which is seen from Gudauri. We climbed from the military road from 2400 meters of altitude in a cauldron and climbed up to a ridge to 3500 meters of altitude. The snow in this cauldron was very different as the wind catches in it. You can find the best powder, but also hard pressed snow, that always depends on the individual slope. Above, there are hardly any places where the wind has not raged. There everything is very hard and difficult to climb. The descent was like the ascent. The first 100 hm were not particularly enjoyable for the rest the better, because we have chosen only the powder.

A windy and cloudy but awesome freeride experience

The Bidara Range

This video is about the ski touring conditions at the Bidara in Gudauri. It has snowed a bit in the last few days and it has become colder altogether. The danger of ground avalanches therefore decreases. But today a strong wind is brought up early in the day, giving the fresh powder snow a wind-pressed surface. We were forced to turn around after only 400 vertical meters.

Adventure awaits!

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